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The Campaign for the New Hudson Area Library

imageThe future starts today

Libraries are changing.  Originally designed for solitary pursuits, they are now centers of activity.  Whether connecting people with resources or with one another, the library has moved beyond a whispered book repository and become a community hub committed to lifelong learning and collaboration.   Today users are exploring an expanding world of ideas, discovering new skills, investigating new fields of knowledge, even learning new languages. Continue reading

federle with daiquiri book

Literary Libations for the Library!

Federle_TimJoin us Thursday, February 5, from 6-8pm at Café Le Perche (230 Warren Street, Hudson) for a fun evening with Tim Federle, Broadway actor, irrepressible bon vivant and author of Tequila Mockingbird: Cocktails with a Literary Twist and Hickory Daiquiri Dock: Cocktails with a Nursery Rhyme Twist.

Tequila Mockingbird and Hickory Daiquiri Dock combine beloved, classic novels and nursery rhymes with witty humor and delicious drink recipes. Come hear Tim tell the tale of the many hours of grueling research he was forced to undertake to create the literary libations featured in these clever and fun books. Continue reading

Almost Halfway!

David Murphy and Theresa Parsons raise the thermometer
Last week the total on our Campaign thermometer was increased by almost $200,000! At $850,000, we’re almost halfway to our three-year goal of $2 million. The campaign’s end-of-year report itemized gifts and pledges from individuals, businesses, foundations, a grant from New York State and proceeds from fundraisers.

The year also saw the beginning of construction at the new site. How exciting it has been to witness the transformation within the Armory’s walls, as well as the progress on the outside! A recent construction milestone was the provision of an access ramp leading to the newly defined main entrance on Fifth Street. When the Armory is completely transformed, we’ll be in a wonderful new space – twice the size of our current facility. Right now there are great opportunities for contributors to help in the creation of our 21st century library. No longer a place just for books, we’re creating a center for learning, a digital lab and a community center. Make a donation today to add your support!


Starting from Seed: An Afternoon with Margaret Roach


POSTPONED – rescheduled for

Saturday January 31, 2015, same time, same location

MargaretRoachStartingFromSeedWant to grow your best vegetable and herb garden ever? It all starts with seeds and choosing the right varieties from sources that match your garden conditions.  Join garden expert Margaret Roach, originator of the oft-praised website A Way to Garden (awaytogarden.com), on Saturday, January 24 from 3-5pm at the Gallery Space at Solaris/Camphill Hudson, 360 Warren Street, Hudson, NY. Let her demystify the politics and the practical “ahas” to get you growing with confidence! Continue reading