reviewing materials & finishes samples at Armory

Furniture Selection Underway

Construction work at the Armory is very visible. The exterior work on the new Fifth St. entrance walks and access has been underway with all sorts of trench work, concrete, and other work.

Less visible but important is work selecting the furniture for the new space. Supporting the Armory Committee is Kimberly Bolan & Associates. KBA worked with the library in 2012 to develop the program for the new library. Now they are back to work on the furniture and technology selection.

One step in this process is to gather information about the materials and finishes that will be used in the new library so that the furniture colors and finishes will be compatible. And, yes, this is a construction site so hard hats are required.

reviewing materials & finishes samples at Armory

Marisa Amara, KBA & Emily Chameides, Library Director, examining samples of materials and finishes at the Armory