Call for the Cause

Imagine yourself unemployable without an Internet connection needed for a job application, or living in poverty with no safe, quiet place to study, or having an inquisitive toddler to whom you want to provide the best possible chance in life.

Give our community, its children, and its children’s children, the very best in tools to help them succeed.

Here is a list of items we hope YOU will underwrite – recommended by our Library consultants.

With your help, we can supply future generations with all they need to move forward confidently. Winning bidders names will be affixed to each item with an engraved plate, thus providing the young users of the library a second advantage: a lesson in what it means to be a good citizen in our community.

Answer the Call.  Supply What’s Needed

workstationPreschool Early Literacy Station, Value $2900.
Providing early learning is a vital part of the Library’s mandate.  These Early Literacy Stations prepare pre-schoolers by giving them technical skills that enhance school readiness while putting them on a path to a lifetime of learning. An all-in-one digital learning solution for early learners aged 2-8.  Includes over 65 top-rated educational software programs.  Kid-approved, education-certified.The NEW Hudson Area Library needs 3 for our pre-schoolers. All purchased at RAISE the ROOF! Thank you.



kid playingCushion Caddy with 28 Reversible Cushions, for the Children’s Story Book Room, Value $800/set.
Story hour is one of the most valuable services that the Library has for children. It supplies word skills, creates familiarity with books, expands imaginations, and engenders interaction with both other children and parents/adults. The NEW Hudson Area Library needs 3 sets for our children. All purchased at RAISE the ROOF! Thank you.


Dewey Connection Cart – Closed Storage with Monitor, Value $2,500.
For teenagers, computers are a social network – a vehicle with which to share knowledge and ideas. This movable cart allows networked technology that is easily visible and shared by small teen groups brainstorming ideas or in a larger “classroom” environment. It easily transforms spaces into hubs for collaboration and critical thinking – anytime, anywhere. Cart is mobile with lockable casters and closed storage at base. One side is large scale digital screen, reverse has tackable, writeable surface. 63”H x 20”D x 40”W. The NEW Hudson Area Library needs 1 for our Teens. Purchased at RAISE the ROOF! Thank you.


chairComputer Chairs for Adult Computer Stations, Value $230.
First and foremost, we have selected chairs that are comfortable. While each workstation will have a one hour limit (as is the case in the current Library), there will be bodies in those chairs almost every hour of every day. So, our selection must be durable, too. Computer chairs are on casters for ease of motion and will be functional and utilitarian. Hudson Area Library needs 12. To date: one has been purchased. All purchased at RAISE the ROOF! Thank you.