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Cottage [Industry] Cheeses to be Featured at SAY CHEESE! – Part Two

cheeseThe term “cottage industry” is often used when referring to small, very personal businesses – often run out of the founder’s home and intensely hands-on. With this in mind, Olde Hudson’s founder, Dena Moran, coined the use of the term “cottage cheeses” to refer to locally made, she calls them “neighbor-made”, small batch cheeses.

They are the focus of this coming Saturday’s (July 18) concluding seminar, SAY CHEESE! – Part Two, a series that has focused on discussions of regionally made cheeses – their characteristics and some of the creative techniques utilized in their making. For this Saturday, Moran has selected mostly, but not exclusively, fresh cheeses – those that have not been aged. Generally speaking, these cheeses are softer, often spreadable and with a rind. Brie is a familiar example.

The evening will include featured cheesemaker, Renate Nollen of Dutch Girl Cheese. She’ll be participating in a Q&A with Moran to talk about her cheeses and cheesemaking in general.

Guests can taste the cheeses, have conversation with the experts, sample some seasonal punch, browse the inventory at Dish Hudson and enjoy the adjacent garden – all while supporting the Campaign for the Hudson Area Library.

Tickets are required and cost $20.00 each. The event will take place on Saturday, July 18 from 5:30pm-7pm at Dish Hudson, 103 Warren Street, Hudson NY.

Buy your tickets today!

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